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Welcome to the its-YOUR-money Downloads page

This is where we will be providing links to download data and software to help you manage your money more effectively.

Our first download is a spread sheet cashbook for Microsoft Excel (TM). It's unusual in that instead of having totals at the bottom as you would do in a conventional cashbook, the totals are at the top and you simply add as many entries as you like underneath. Try it. It gives you scope for several bank accounts, and totals cleared and uncleared entries. It makes checking your bank statement easy, and gives you scope for analysing your income and expenditure under 26 headings. There are two versions you can download (for free). A conventional zip file and a self-extracting zip file. Some virus checking software won't accept .exe files, and if that applies to you, choose the .zip file instead. Both have been checked for viruses, but you should make sure your own checks are up to date. Open the readme file first!

Download cash here

Download cash book.exe here


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