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The wealth of information on this site is available in a handy-sized book. Buy it from your bookseller, or online here.

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Welcome to the bookshop!

Books of the Month: our Editor's choice of two of the most influential books on investment. These are 'must read' classics for anyone interested in the subject.

Intelligent Investor The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham has influenced generations of investors, including Warren Buffet who studied under and subsequently worked for Graham before founding Berkshire Hathaway. Graham pioneered a logical and thorough approach to security analysis and investment, and was both a distinguished academic and investment practitioner. The Intelligent Investor is arguably the most influential book ever written on the subject. Click here or on the image for price and availability.


Random Walk down Wall Street A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel

Burton Malkiel is another distinguished academic and investment professional. This book is a first class introduction to modern finance theory as well as providing an entertaining and sobering account of many past financial disasters. Anyone thinking that 'it can't happen now' only needs to look at the dotcom crash at the turn of this century! Click here or on the image for price and availability.

These are just two of the wide range of books available from our online bookstore.


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