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ISBN 978-1-906439-21-7





Sex in the City

Sex is a hedge fund
Sex is a trade
Sex is the bonus we’ve all just been paid
Sex is a derivative: a future or option
Sex is a fund manager who gets all the action
Sex is a warrant, spread-bet or CFD
Sex is finance that’s too complex for me
Sex is funny-money, all mirrors and smoke
Sex thinks that long-term investment’s a joke
Sex is about making a fast buck or two
Sex is about taking the money from you
Sex in the City. We are having a ball!
Sex in the City means winner takes all
Sex in the City that’s how fortunes are made
Sex in the City? We don’t have time to get laid!

Read about: hedge funds, derivatives, futures, options, warrants, spread bets, CFD

Copyright: K.R.Wade (IYM) 2005

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