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ISBN 978-1-906439-21-7




Storecard Sally

My name is Sally. I love to spend, spend, spend
My money never seems to come to an end
Thanks to my little my plastic friend:
My store card

That Debenhams dress is a tempting sight
It would look really great on a Friday night
And it won’t cost a penny ‘cos I’ll buy it, right?
On my store card

I’m in Comet now and that huge TV,
With cinema sound and an LCD
Costs nearly a grand, but to me it’s free
With my store card

In B&Q there’s a kitchen too
And a bathroom suite with a super loo!
My house will look as good as new
With my store card

The salespeople muttered about APR
Sounds like the reg of someone’s car
But who cares? I can go really far
With a store card…………

It’s eleven years since that spending spree
And the bloody bailiffs are still hounding me
There is no such thing as a meal that’s free
With a store card

Twenty-eight percent? “What a bore” you’ll sigh
But you will be paying it off till the day you die
It doubles the cost of the stuff you buy
With your store card

Copyright: K.R.Wade (IYM) 2005

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