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ISBN 978-1-906439-21-7




The Independent Financial Adviser

Your Independent Financial Adviser,
will help invest your hard-earned wealth.
He aims to sell you financial products,
and enrich himself by stealth.

An annuity, endowment,
income bond or unit trust,
Will earn him a fat commission,
Even though it may leave you bust.

He gets an up-front fee of course,
and often yearly payments too.
So will he sell you the product that pays him the most,
or the one that’s best for you?

His independence is illusory,
though his advice may still be sound.
But it’s only fair that you know the score.
And that it pays to shop around.

Read the small print several times,
And make sure you understand
Exactly what risks you are taking on
Before you finally shake his hand

It’s a golden rule of investing
High returns are never for free.
If an investment looks too good to be true
That’s exactly what it will be!

Copyright: K.R.Wade (IYM) 2005

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