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Welcome to its-YOUR-money, the independent site that is dedicated to helping YOU make better use of YOUR money!

September 2014 - Scotland Votes to Stay in UK

We love Scotland and our many friends who live there, and are delighted that Scotland is to remain as part of the UK.

Whatever the frustrations of being subject to a government based in London, it would have been madness to risk the flight of money out of Scotland once the Bank of England was no longer the lender of last resort for financial services north of the border. You only need to look at the problems of Ireland, Iceland, and Greece to see what can happen if your banking system runs into trouble. Had RBS been regulated by an independent Scotland in 2008 the crash would have totally destroyed the economy.


Poetry comes to finance...

We like to introduce an element of humour into what can be a pretty boring subject. Our editor has penned some short poems that you might find amusing - and thought provoking. Read them here: Storecard Sally; The Independent Financial Adviser, Sex in the City. We hope you enjoy them!

Financial Advisers... does not provide financial advice. To do a proper job, an adviser must know quite a lot about your particular financial circumstances and objectives. Without the right knowledge you could make some expensive mistakes, and it is in your best interests to seek the help of a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). You might find this link helpful. (opens in a new window)

New Downloads

Try this way of managing your bank accounts using a spreadsheet such as Excel (TM). The difference is, this one adds up instead of down! It must have been done before but we've never seen it. Try it here.



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